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About us

One of the characteristics of the company, which is the foundation and development center of the initiatives that make up the Ayyıldız Machinery Manufacturing Industry Company, is that it is a principled Turkish company that aims to announce its country and company's name to foreign sectoral markets by exporting its locally manufactured products.

In the list of products we are manufacturing;

Our Quality Policy;
  • Ayyıldız Makine has always been based on customer satisfaction with the technical support and spare parts services it has given to its customers after sales, as well as the production it has made by following the latest innovations in its sector.
  • Establishing an effective and effective "product warranty system" in Turkey and abroad,
  • To cooperate with our suppliers and subcontractors that create long-term added value,
  • To closely monitor the innovations in the sector and to increase the diversity of machinery,
  • To ensure that our personnel are quality-sensitive individuals and to reach our goals together,
  • Being a continuously functioning and developing company with an effective quality management system constitutes the quality policy of our company.

Our Code of Ethics

Ayyıldız Machine; The ethical values ​​that ensure this reliability are among the most important assets of the company, and are included in the Ayyıldız Machinery Basic Values ​​and the Ethics Code, which is our reference source in this regard. is reflected in the banana as well.

Mission vision

Our goal is to create added value for our business partners by providing application-specific engineering solutions. In addition, we always aim to further develop the machines and systems in our production. Compliance inspection, consultancy, training and outsourcing in all areas related to quality, health, safety and environment It is our primary goal to provide value to our customers by preventing risks and increasing performance.


To be the number one global company in its sector, which offers the right technologies and turnkey value-added solutions at home and abroad, adapts rapidly to technological developments, directs change, keeps user and employee satisfaction at the highest level, and is preferred by domestic and foreign business partners in the first degree.

Countries We Work
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • Romania
  • Israel
  • Uzbekistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Palestine
  • Albania
  • Russia
  • Jordan
  • Pakistan
Our R&D Studies

Our Research & Development department always aims to keep our products up-to-date technologically and to increase the quality and efficiency in all machines that serve the paper tube and kosebend industry.

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