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Jumbo Paper Tube Machines

Capacity of Paper Hanging Unit 5 Layers to 40 Layers
Paper Tube&Core Thickness 1mm to 20mm
Paper Tube&Core Diameter 200mm to 700mm
Paper Tube&Core Length Min:150mm / Max:5000mm
Cutting System Multi Blade Servo System
Machine Speed 25 met / min
Electrical Quality Siemens PLC,TouchPanel

Today, industrial production processes are becoming more and more automated and with the development of technology, the performance and efficiency of the machines used in the production lines are also increasing. At this point, Jumbo Paper Tube Machines are also machines that have a very important place in industrial production processes.

What is Jumbo Paper Tube Machines?

Jumbo Paper Tube Machines is an industrial machine that enables pipes to be produced in spiral form. This machine can be adjusted according to the lengths and diameters of the pipes. The Jumbo Spiral paper tube machine is a machine used in a variety of industrial applications. This machine is used to turn a flat strip of paper into a spiral tube shape.

What Do Jumbo Paper Tube Machines?

Jumbo Paper Tube Machines are an industrial machine that performs the production of pipes in spiral form. Jumbo Spiral Tube machines take the incoming paper strip and wrap it on a mandrel of predetermined diameter. The machine creates a tight spiral by wrapping and gluing the paper at a certain angle. Next, the spiral paper tube is cut and cut into pieces of the desired length.

What are the Usage Areas of Jumbo Paper Tube Making Machine?

Jumbo Paper Tube Machines are used in many areas in the industrial sector. Due to their functionality and ease of use, these machines are widely preferred by manufacturers in different industries.

The Jumbo Paper Tube Machines is used in many areas such as rolling pet spet strips after production, producing gift boxes, rolling the products of aluminum plate manufacturers, wrapping cables and wrapping conductors.

In addition, Jumbo Paper Tube Machines are also frequently used in the construction industry. Pipes can be used for many different purposes, for example these cardboard pipes are used as column or beam formwork in construction projects. Jumbo Paper Tube Machines provide fast and easy production of pipes in the construction industry.

Paper pipes produced in this machine are heavy duty products of its sector . They are value-added products, not products that every machine manufacturer and every paper boat manufacturer will produce. It is one of the most difficult products in its sector. It will be more enlightening when watching the youtube video in the web page.

These different usage areas of Jumbo Paper Tube Machines show the importance and value of these machines in the industry.

What are the Features of Ayyıldız Makine Jumbo Paper Tube Machines?

Jumbo Paper tube machines belonging to Ayyıldız Makine have double-knife machine technology. At Ayyıldız machine company, it is always electronic servo systems, not air pneumatic systems. These servo systems have high cutting precision . Cutting technology is very important because the products are produced in large diameters and thicknesses, together with high precision electronic servo cutting systems, Ayyıldız makieney's machines perform smooth and complete cutting. Ayyıldız Makine company has developed itself in this regard and continues its R&D studies in order to go further.

The production capacity is maximum 15 meters / minute , the optimum is 9-10 meters / minute . The products produced are in large diameters and thicknesses. 12.000 meters of production can be made from these products on a 24-hour working basis. The final products are sold in the market according to the kilogram method, not by the meter. With this machine, 15-20 tons of paper can be processed in 24 hours and turned into cardboard pipes.

The electrical infrastructure is a Siemens brand that has been accepted all over the world and has proven its quality.

With its easily understandable touch screen, it simplifies all processes and minimizes losses. All kinds of cut-to-length settings can be adjusted automatically via the touch screen. Ayyıldız Makine is distinguished from its competitors in after-sales support. All machines whose production is completed are assembled in the employer's factory by the technical personnel working at Ayyıldız Makine company. During the entire assembly process, the operation and process are explained in detail to other relevant technical personnel. After the assembly is completed and a certain period of time has passed, the employer is supported in the whole process with a remote connection in case of a possible malfunction and maintenance. This form of remote connection works on a 24-hour basis.

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