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POY Tube Making Machines

Tube Re-Cutter Unit 8 Pieces Blade
Head Polishing Unit 8 Pieces Motor
Line and Notching Unit
Molding Unit for Tube Window

The textile industry is a highly developed sector today. Many different machines are used in this sector. Each of these machines is used for a different purpose. Poy Paper Tube Machines are one of these machines. In this article, detailed information will be given about the hub tube machines.

What is Poy Paper Tube Machines?

Poy Paper Tube Machines are a kind of machine used in the textile industry. These machines are used to spin filament yarns into bobbins. These threads can then be used for different purposes. Poy Paper Tube Machines adjust the tension of the thread and cause the thread to twist while winding the filament threads into bobbins. Thus, the thread becomes more durable.

What Do Poy Paper Tube Machines Do?

Poy Paper Tube Machines are used in the production of yarn in the textile industry. These machines increase the quality of the yarn while making the filament yarns into bobbins. In this way, more durable, longer-lasting and higher quality yarns are obtained. Poy Paper Tube Machines also enable the thread to be twisted, making it easier to use and process the thread.

What are the Usage Areas of Poy Paper Tube Machines?

Poy Paper Tube Machines are used in many different areas in the textile industry. These machines can be used to produce polyester, nylon, cotton and many other different types of yarn. These threads can then be used for different purposes. For example, cotton threads can be used to produce clothing, bedding, towels and many other home textile products. Polyester and nylon threads are mostly used for outerwear, sportswear and other technical textile products.

Poy Paper Tube Machines have a very important place in the textile industry. These machines are one of the most important machines used in yarn production. In this way, high quality, durable and long-lasting yarns are produced. These yarns can then be used for different purposes and the textile industry continues to evolve in this way.

What are the Features of Ayyıldız Makine Poy Paper Tube Machines?

Ayyıldız Makine is the first and only company in Turkey to produce the Poy Paper Tube Machines. Poy bobbins have a very important place in terms of the textile industry. Ayyıldız Makine can manufacture machines that produce bobbins suitable for spinning machines all over the world. Different types of bobbins are used in spinning machines around the world, these are notched, windowed, polished mouth, circular striped, semi- circular striped, etc. may be in shape. Ayyıldız Makine is able to offer solutions to all these needs and has the ability to produce all the products its customers want. It realizes these different variations with our portable equipment, which we can add and remove from our related core tube machines.

As with other machine types belonging to Ayyıldız machine, the electrical infrastructure used in this machine type is Siemens.

Poy Paper Tube Machines belonging to Ayyıldız Makine are highly flexible and interchangeable in terms of operation. According to the customer's demand, features such as streaking, notching, reverse notching, opening windows in various shapes can be applied on a single machine.

Bringing these variations together on a single machine provides a wealth of production for the customer.

Poy Paper Tube Machines, which belongs to Ayyıldız machine, has automatic loading and automatic unloading system. To tell operationally, we load our long core bobbins to the loading stand, the machine takes this paper tube and cuts first, then the head comes to the shredding unit and the ends of the bobbins are polished, this polishing process is for easy catching of the thread when the bobbin is included in the spinning machine. Then, it comes in the line and notch unit and the line and notch are struck on the bobbin, then it comes to the window unit and the window is opened according to the customer's demand, after this process the bobbin is ready for use.

Machine production capacity is 20.000 – 40.000 pieces per day.

All controls on the machine are electronically based with servo systems .

The window opening unit is hydraulic, not pneumatic. Thus, smooth and error-free windows can be opened.

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