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Paper Tube Cutting Machines

Machine Features
Main Paper Tube Cutting Length 2100 mm
Paper Tube Diameter Range 50 mm to 700 mm
Paper Tube Thickness Range 2 mm to 20 mm
Feeding & Discharging Automatic
Electrical Siemens PLC Control , Siemens Touch Screen , Siemens Servo Motors

What is 'Paper Tube Making Machine'?

A "paper tube making machine" is an industrial machine designed to manufacture paper tubes. Paper tubes are cylindrical structures made from paper or cardboard material and are used for various purposes in industries such as packaging, textiles, and manufacturing. These tubes can serve as cores for winding materials like paper, fabric, plastic, or metal, or they may be used as packaging containers for products.

The paper tube making machine is specifically engineered to automate the process of creating these paper tubes. It typically involves feeding raw material (paper and glue) into the machine, which then undergoes processes such as gluing, shaping, and cutting to produce the finished paper tubes. The machine can be adjusted to create tubes of different sizes and specifications based on the specific requirements of the user or industry.

In essence, a paper tube making machine streamlines and automates the manufacturing process for paper tubes, contributing to efficient and mass production in various industrial applications.

In Which Industries is 'Paper Tube Making Machine' Used?

Paper tube making machines are used in various industries for manufacturing paper tubes and cores. Some of the industries where these machines find application include:

  • Textile Industry: Paper tubes are commonly used as cores for winding and storing textile materials such as yarn, fabric, and thread. In addition to yarn and fabric winding, paper tubes are also used in the textile industry for creating seamless fabrics.
  • Paper and Packaging Industry: Paper tubes serve as cores for various types of paper and packaging materials. They are used for rolls of paper, stretch film, aluminum foil, and other flexible materials.

The versatility of paper tubes makes them essential in several manufacturing processes across different industries. The paper tube making machine plays a crucial role in efficiently producing these tubes to meet the specific requirements of each industry.

What Are The Features of Ayyildiz Machine 'Paper Tube Making Machines'?

Paper tube making machines belonging to Ayyıldız Machine Company are supervised by highly experienced experts throughout all production processes. The machines come with product guarantees, making Ayyıldız the only company in Turkey to offer such guarantees to its customers. With over 25 years of industry experience, the company produces special machines tailored to the requested technical details, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Technically, the features of machines from Ayyıldız Machine Company include:

  • Siemens PLC Control System
  • Siemens Touch Screen
  • Siemens Servo Motor and Drivers
  • Two servo systems for precision and cutting smoothness
  • Photocell eye system for precise cuts

The machines have many advantages, including weight distribution wheel systems, glue heaters, Derlin moveable under-blade unit, and Servo System details in the cutting section. The Derlin moveable under-blade system extends blade life and ensures the co-aging technique is applied fully, reducing maintenance time and costs.

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