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Double-bladed Paper Tube Making Machines

Capacity of Paper Hanging Unit 5 Layers to 40 Layers
Paper Tube&Core Thickness 1mm to 20mm
Paper Tube&Core Diameter 30mm to 200mm
Paper Tube&Core Length Min:500mm / Max:5000mm
Cutting System Multi Blade Servo System
Machine Speed 25 met / min
Electrical Quality Siemens PLC,TouchPanel

Paper pipes have a very common use area today. Paper pipes, which are used in many areas from the packaging industry to the textile industry, are an ideal solution for purposes such as transportation, storage, and protection. For this reason, the production of paper pipes is also very important. At this point, double-blade spiral paper tube machines come into play.

What are Double Blade Spiral Paper Tube Machine?

Double-blade spiral paper tube machines are special machines used to produce spiral-shaped tubes from paper rolls. These machines are high-capacity machines that are especially preferred in industrial production. Being double knives allows both the inner and outer cutting of pipes to be done in one go.

What are the Usage Areas of Double Blade Spiral Paper Tube Machines?

Double-blade spiral paper tube machines have a wide range of uses. The paper pipes produced by these machines are used as an ideal packaging material for the transport and storage of industrial products. In addition, paper pipes can be used instead of molds in the construction industry, as well as for various purposes in the furniture industry. In the textile industry, it is used to wrap and store fabrics properly.

Double-blade spiral paper tube machines have an important place in industrial production. Thanks to these machines, spiral-shaped pipes are produced from paper rolls and these pipes are used in many fields. Paper pipes, which are an ideal packaging material for the transportation, storage and protection of industrial products, also find use in sectors such as construction, furniture and textiles. Double- blade spiral paper tube machines, especially designed for high-capacity production, provide an efficient and economical production. In this way, product quality increases while production costs decrease. With all these features, double-blade spiral paper tube machines are an indispensable tool in industrial production.

What are the Features of Ayyıldız Makine Double Blade Spiral Paper Machines?

    The features of the Ayyıldız double-blade spiral paper machines are listed below.

  • The distinguishing feature of the double-blade spiral paper tube machine is the technological superiority of its tube cutting section. It is equipped with two blades positioned opposite each other, enabling synchronized and simultaneous cutting. The smooth and soft cutting process is crucial in the industry.
  • The products manufactured by these machines are referred to as heavy-duty products in the sector. The thickness of the products produced by double- blade spiral tube machines is significantly high. Therefore, it is not possible to cut these products with a single blade. The double-blade technology successfully performs this cutting process.
  • To achieve this synchronization, we use Servo Motors and Sensor Systems. We source the servo motors and sensor systems from leading brands in the industry.
  • Due to the high thickness of the products manufactured by these machines, their weights are also substantial. The final products are sold in the market based on their weights. This situation enables the machine operator to produce a higher tonnage, directly impacting their revenue positively.
  • Our machine generally has a processing capacity of 1 ton of paper per hour. This means that with this machine, you can convert and market 24 tons of paper into tubes in a day.

What is 'Paper Tube Making Machine'?

A "paper tube making machine" is an industrial machine designed to manufacture paper tubes. Paper tubes are cylindrical structures made from paper or cardboard material and are used for various purposes in industries such as packaging, textiles, and manufacturing. These tubes can serve as cores for winding materials like paper, fabric, plastic, or metal, or they may be used as packaging containers for products. The paper tube making machine is specifically engineered to automate the process of creating these paper tubes. It typically involves feeding raw material (paper and glue) into the machine, which then undergoes processes such as gluing, shaping and cutting to produce the finished paper tubes. The machine can be adjusted to create tubes of different sizes and specifications based on the specific requirements of the user or industry. In essence, a paper tube making machine streamlines and automates the manufacturing process for paper tubes, contributing to efficient and mass production in various industrial applications.

In Which Industries is 'Paper Tube Making Machine' Used?

Paper tube making machines are used in various industries for manufacturing paper tubes and cores. Some of the industries where these machines find application include:

  • Textile Industry : Paper tubes are commonly used as cores for winding and storing textile materials such as yarn, fabric, and thread. In addition to yarn and fabric winding, paper tubes are also used in the textile industry for creating seamless fabrics
  • Paper and Packaging Industry : Paper tubes serve as cores for various types of paper and packaging materials. They are used for rolls of paper, stretch film, aluminum foil, and other flexible materials
  • Adhesive Tape Industry : Paper tubes are used as cores for manufacturing adhesive tapes. The tapes are wound around the paper tubes for storage and transportation
  • Label and Sticker Industry : Paper tubes are utilized as cores for the production of labels and stickers. The rolled labels are stored on these tubes for easy handling and application.
  • Converting Industry : The converting industry uses paper tubes as cores for converting processes, where large rolls of materials are processed into smaller rolls or sheets
  • Film and Foil Industry : Paper tubes are used as cores for various types of films and foils, providing support and structure to these materials
  • Carpet Industry : Paper tubes are used as cores for carpet manufacturing, where carpets are rolled and stored on these tubes
  • Tape and Label Industry : Paper tubes are widely used as cores for the production and storage of various types of tapes and labels

The versatility of paper tubes makes them essential in several manufacturing processes across different industries. The paper tube making machine plays a crucial role in efficiently producing these tubes to meet the specific requirements of each industry.

What Are The Features of Ayyildiz Machine 'Paper Tube Making Machines'?

Paper tube making machine, which belong to Ayyıldız Machine Company are supervised by highly experienced experts throughout all production processes. Before the machine is shipped to the end user, all test processes are completed and trial products are produced. It is the only company in Turkey that sells machines with product guarantees to its customers. Ayyıldız Machine Company has been equipped with industry experience for more than 25 years and produces special machines that comply with the requested technical details by sharing every detail with its customers. Customer satisfaction is a priority for Ayyıldız Machine Company. Thanks to understanding and interpreting their customers, it ranks at the top of customer satisfaction rankings in the industry.

Technically the features of machines belonging to Ayyildiz Machine Company can be listed as follows:
The electrical equipment used is accepted worldwide and proven electrical equipment. Generally, Siemens brand electrical equipment is used in our machines.

These electrical equipment are:

  • Siemens PLC Control System
  • Siemens Touch Screen
  • Siemens Servo Motor and Drivers
  • There are 2 servo systems in the machines. One is the Cutting Servo System for the blade system, and the other is the Table Servo System that runs the table. The main purpose of servo systems is precision and cutting smoothness. The machines belonging to Ayyıldız Machine Company make the desired length with very high precision, and the surfaces of the cut tubes are completely smooth.

In addition to precision length, Ayyıldız Machine photocell eye system is also available, aiming to make the most precise cuts at the desired size.

Our machines have many advantages. We can list these advantages as follows:
  • There are many privileges such as weight distribution wheel systems in the hanger system, glue heaters to prevent viscosity fluctuations in the gluing section, Derling moveable under-blade unit in the cutting section, Servo System details used in the cutting section. It distinguishes itself from its competitors with these privileges.
  • • The Derlin moveable under-blade system is used to extend the life of the blades in the cutting section and to ensure that the co-aging technique is applied fully and functionally on the blades. Since the knives will not always hit the same point for cutting, this system also extends the life of the chestnut pieces under it. In this way, the maintenance time of the machine is reduced, spare parts costs are reduced and production interruptions are minimized. This positively affects the turnover and profitability of the companies that own the machine.

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