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Spiral Paper Tube Machines Double Blade

Capacity of Paper Hanging Unit 5 kat to 40
Paper Tube&Core Thickness 1mm to 20mm
Paper Tube&Core Diameter 30mm to 200mm
Paper Tube&Core Length Min:500mm / Max:5000mm
Cutting System Multi Blade Servo System
Machine Speed 25 met / min
Electrical Quality Siemens PLC,TouchPanel

Paper pipes have a very common use area today. Paper pipes, which are used in many areas from the packaging industry to the textile industry, are an ideal solution for purposes such as transportation, storage, and protection. For this reason, the production of paper pipes is also very important. At this point, double-blade spiral paper tube machines come into play.

What are Double Blade Spiral Paper Tube Machine?

Double-blade spiral paper tube machines are special machines used to produce spiral-shaped tubes from paper rolls. These machines are high-capacity machines that are especially preferred in industrial production. Being double knives allows both the inner and outer cutting of pipes to be done in one go.

What are the Usage Areas of Double Blade Spiral Paper Tube Machines?

Double-blade spiral paper tube machines have a wide range of uses. The paper pipes produced by these machines are used as an ideal packaging material for the transport and storage of industrial products. In addition, paper pipes can be used instead of molds in the construction industry, as well as for various purposes in the furniture industry. In the textile industry, it is used to wrap and store fabrics properly.

Double-blade spiral paper tube machines have an important place in industrial production. Thanks to these machines, spiral-shaped pipes are produced from paper rolls and these pipes are used in many fields. Paper pipes, which are an ideal packaging material for the transportation, storage and protection of industrial products, also find use in sectors such as construction, furniture and textiles. Double- blade spiral paper tube machines, especially designed for high-capacity production, provide an efficient and economical production. In this way, product quality increases while production costs decrease. With all these features, double-blade spiral paper tube machines are an indispensable tool in industrial production.

What are the Features of Ayyıldız Makine Double Blade Spiral Paper Machines?

    The features of the Ayyıldız double-blade spiral paper machines are listed below.

  • The distinguishing feature of the double-blade spiral paper tube machine is the technological superiority of its tube cutting section. It is equipped with two blades positioned opposite each other, enabling synchronized and simultaneous cutting. The smooth and soft cutting process is crucial in the industry.
  • The products manufactured by these machines are referred to as heavy-duty products in the sector. The thickness of the products produced by double- blade spiral tube machines is significantly high. Therefore, it is not possible to cut these products with a single blade. The double-blade technology successfully performs this cutting process.
  • To achieve this synchronization, we use Servo Motors and Sensor Systems. We source the servo motors and sensor systems from leading brands in the industry.
  • Due to the high thickness of the products manufactured by these machines, their weights are also substantial. The final products are sold in the market based on their weights. This situation enables the machine operator to produce a higher tonnage, directly impacting their revenue positively.
  • Our machine generally has a processing capacity of 1 ton of paper per hour. This means that with this machine, you can convert and market 24 tons of paper into tubes in a day.
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