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DTY Tube Making Machines

Capacity of Paper Hanging Unit 5 Layers to 10 Layers
Paper Tube&Core Thickness 1mm to 5mm
Paper Tube&Core Diameter 54 mm to 76 mm
Paper Tube&Core Length Min:170 mm - Max: 290 mm
Cutting System Multi Blade Servo System
Machine Speed 25 met / min
Electrical Quality Siemens PLC,TouchPanel
Capacity of Machine 50.000 Pieces of Day
Drying Oven Unit
Tube Mouth Curling
Auto Packaging

DTY Tube Machines are special machines that produce bobbins used for DTY yarn production. These machines are generally designed to produce cores made of paper or cardboard.

What does DTY Tube Machines do?

The machines that produce the cores (paper tubes) attached to the DTY yarn producing machine play an important role in the DTY yarn production process. Its functions are: Bobbin Supply: These machines provide the production of bobbins used for DTY yarn production. Bobbins are a type of bobbin used for winding and storing threads. Bobbin winding machines produce bobbins made of paper or cardboard and wind the threads onto these bobbins.

Bobbin Sizing: The machines have cutting mechanisms that allow the bobbins to be cut in certain diameters and lengths. This enables the production of tubes to standard sizes. The sizing process facilitates the subsequent insertion and handling of the bobbins into the spinning machine properly.

Bobbin Winding: Bobbin winding machines have winding mechanisms that ensure that the bobbins are wound securely and that the threads are wound properly on the bobbin. In this way, it is ensured that the threads are wound on the bobbins regularly and neatly and that the threads are held securely.

Bobbin winders are an important tool to increase productivity in the DTY yarn production process. These machines enable the production of bobbins at high speed and with precision, thus making the yarn production process more efficient. In addition, the quality and dimensions of the produced bobbins are also an important aspect of these machines, because the correct size and properly wound bobbins are made suitable for later use of the threads.

What are the Usage Areas of DTY Paper Tube Machines?

The machines that produce the bobbins (paper pipes) attached to the DTY yarn producing machine have a wide usage area. Here are some important uses:

Textile Industry: DTY yarns are generally used in weaving, knitting and carpet production. Bobbins are necessary for collecting and storing these yarns. Bobbin winding machines are important machines used in the textile industry for the production and processing of DTY yarns.

Yarn Production Facilities: Yarn production facilities are facilities where different types of yarn are produced and processed. DTY yarn production requires bobbins and bobbin winding machines are used as part of yarn production in these plants.

Synthetic Yarn Production: DTY yarns are generally produced from synthetic materials, especially polyester and nylon. In plants where such synthetic yarns are produced, bobbin winding machines are used to produce bobbins.

Yarn Storage and Distribution Centers: After yarn production, yarns wound on bobbins are kept in storage and distribution centers and sent to the relevant customers. In these centers, bobbin winding machines are used to produce bobbins and wind the threads correctly.

Bobbin winding machines play an important role in the production and processing of DTY yarns. These machines ensure that the bobbins are produced in the correct size and quality, and ensure that the yarns are wound properly, increasing the quality of the end product.

What are the Features of Ayyıldız Makine DTY Bobbin Machines?

Our DTY tube producing machines, which belong to our company, are the latest technology and serve all the demands of the sector. Servo system has full electronic length cutting technology, electrical equipment is Siemens.

There is an oven in this machine to remove the moisture from the bobbins. The bobbin that enters the oven stays in the oven for about 5 minutes and the humidity on the bobbin is reduced. The strength and hardness value of the core that has been baked and whose moisture has been reduced increases.

Our machine has a rolling unit after the oven unit. Our quilling unit performs the inward bending of the ends of the bobbins. With this process, it is aimed to catch the yarn from the bobbin more easily and in a shorter time.

The inner diameter and outer diameter of the product to be crimped vary significantly according to customer needs. We produce solutions according to each customer's needs. After the mouth twisting unit comes our automatic stacking unit. In this unit, the bobbins are packed.

Again, in line with our customer's request, stacking and packaging operations are carried out in a cardboard box or a linoleum bag. In addition , product accessories such as lines , notches , etc. can be integrated on the bobbins and products can be produced in line with customer demand . Textile bobbins used in the industry mainly have inner diameter dimensions such as 54mm - 56mm - 69mm - 73 mm. Ayyıldız Makine, which has the technical possibilities and capabilities to produce both industry standards and all non- standard products, is based on customer satisfaction and can produce machines that can produce all cores in line with customer demands.

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